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Our Classes

1. Select your class(es)

2. Login to MindBody

3. If this is your first time logging on, you will be prompted to create a profile.  

4. You have the option to pay on-line or before your class.  Please arrive 8-10 minutes early and check in with your teacher.

5. Thank you for practicing at YogaLove. Peace

Prepare for Class!

  • Zoom Information: 

  • Meeting ID : 510-435-2798      ​

  • Gather props: Books for blocks, rolled up blankets or towels for bolsters, and belts for straps.

  • Arrive 5 minutes early: Connect with the teacher and the rest of the class.

  • Situate your camera: Your teacher will observe your class to give feedback and verbal adjustments. If you want to be included, position your camera so the teacher can see your practice. Practicing with video on helps teachers and students connect with the class. Cameras typically go off for savasana.

  • Mute yourself: When class starts, please mute yourself to avoid any distracting background noise.

  • Lighting: If possible, avoid backlighting so your teacher can see you clearly. The best lighting is bright indirect lighting from behind your camera.

  • Social Share: We are working hard to ensure that YogaLove can continue to serve our community. Social sharing is easy and supports our efforts! Please follow, post & tag @yogaloveoakland and your teacher on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Invite a friend to take a class with you.

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