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About Us

About Us






YogaLove is a community based yoga studio in  North Oakland

 We intentionally offer small class sizes to provide alignment cues, adjustments and assists, for each student.  Our Registered and experienced teachers are here to share their love of Yoga.  With beginner to advanced classes, YogaLove is the perfect place to start, strengthen, deepen and love your practice. We invite you to become a YogaLover.



2/28                     Womb Yoga, Led by Tanya

3/19                     Inner Spring Cleaning, Led by CJ

4/11                      Kemetic Yoga, Led by Mama Sanovia

4/12                      MaYoni'at Womb Yoga, Led by Mama Sanovia

4/13                      Goddess Chakra Alignment, Led by Mama Sanovia

4/13                      Let The Womb Speak Circle, Hosted by Jacqueline's Spa

4/13, 14                MaYoni'at Womb Yoga Teacher Certification, Led by Mama Sanovia




YogaLove Team!


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(510) 435-2798

3851 Market Street, Oakland, CA 94608

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